Lo Que Pica el Gallo

Hablando de lo que pica el gallo…formando un arroz con mango.

Comiendo de lo que pica el gallo…

Leave it to crazy, loud, eccentric Cubans to come up with dichos that in literal terms make absolutely no sense at all. Being what I suppose is a second generation Cuban (both my parents were born in Cuba, although my mom was raised here in the USA)  and living in a city that at times mimics itself to be a country on it’s own, Cuban idioms are a part of my daily life.

Lo que Pica el Gallo will discover and unravel those dichos Cubanos and try to make sense of their origins. Bare with us, as these proverbs and sayings are only understood in the correct context.  Our findings will simply be based on stories we’ve heard from relatives, personal experiences and discoveries we’ve made along the streets of Miami. In other words, most of the time we will just be talking “de lo que pica el gallo.”

So what is lo que pica el gallo?

The literal translation is “what the rooster pecks at.” Most of the time you will hear the idiom, “Estas comiendo de lo que pica el gallo,” or “Estas hablando de lo que pica el gallo.”  Hence, you are talking or eating what the rooster pecks at: crap. In simpler terms, it is the equivalent to the English expression “You’re talking/eating shit.”

About Lyanis

I'm always a little skeptical about filling out an "About Me" section. I'm supposed to tell you about who I am, when really, as wordy as I tend to be, no one can really get to know someone from a box confined to a certain number of characters. You see, I'm a bit complicated. I don't like to admit it, partially because I like the simple things in life but truth is, we're all complicated and none of us come with instructions on how to decode one another. So in the mean time, to better understand me for me, I'll give you the basics: I'm a hometown Miami girl born to Cuban parents. I'm the only girl of 4 children still living at home with mom and dad while I work and study in hopes that one day, all this writing pays off and...well... literally pays off. I'm working on getting my Bachelor's degree in English with a minor in Communications. I tried reaching for my roots and focusing in on Spanish, pero que 'va, I like Cuban Spanish and Spanglish way better than the Spanish the teach in college. Both my parents have instilled the importance of family and togetherness in me and my siblings. For that, I'm thankful. Although at times my house resembles una casa de locos, it is that very essence that makes me a little bit more of who I am, and provides me with the material I write about here. I have big dreams for myself as well as for Lo Que Pica El Gallo. This is just the beginning of a long journey and I sure do hope you stick around to see where it takes us.

3 comments on “Comiendo de lo que pica el gallo…

  1. Lauren
    July 1, 2010

    Comiendo mierda como siempre es viviendo la vida

  2. lolalauren
    July 1, 2010

    I live speaking lo que pica el gallo!

  3. RJ
    July 10, 2010

    I love this blog and I’ve laughed at every entry cause it’s so true! Eating shit, I think is the second generation Cubans’ “comiendo mierda”. I don’t think people north of the Miami-Dade County line use that expression. It’s like we say “OMG! You ate it!” Unless you’re from Miami or Cuban, you’re not going to understand. LMAO!

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