Lo Que Pica el Gallo

Hablando de lo que pica el gallo…formando un arroz con mango.

El merengue en el Cake

Labor day weekend in my household is LOCURA, not only is my birthday over the long weekend, but my cousins, my grandmother, my tia abuela, and some Cuban cousins (you know los primos that really aren’t related to you by blood but your abuelo or father has known their abuelo or papi since they lived in Cuba and so and so). Is it me or is September the month of birthdays? But like any true Cuban Birthday you will be sure there are pastelitos and bocaditos with Coca-Cola, ES-prite, Iron Beer y Malta (para Papí) and of course  most importantly: El Cake.

This is a special cake though, it’s a Cuban Cake and what differentiates Cuban Cake from others is El Merengue of course, and the yummy natilla inside. Cuban cake is like no other, the sugary dessert almost screams diabetes in one spoonful. If you are on a diet don’t bother knowing the contents in this Cuban birthday staple, just think of Celia Cruz when it comes to the most important ingredient of the merengue…….. “Azucar!” Once it hits your mouth and you devour the Anti-Atkins dessert your taste buds start to kick and scream a  little while they do a merenguito dance in your mouth and feel it all the way down to your toes.

Nothing beats birthdays in a Cuban home. You are sure to have a driveway covered in cars, a kitchen full of Mami’s,Tia’s, Abuela’s, Prima’s ( your basic matriarchs of the family), el patio full of kids playing with anything they can find and the men huddle around a domino table or el Barbe-qu chismeando. Regardless of how you celebrate your birthday, it’s not a true Cuban birthday if there isn’t a spoonful of Merengue around!

About Lauren

I love Cultures, Cities, and Cuisine. My Abuela's flan is better than yours. I love Miami but my heart is New York.

3 comments on “El merengue en el Cake

  1. Mamiriki looking for a papiriki
    September 9, 2010

    que rico el merenguitoooo! man i miss my cuban birthdays. birthdays in WV aren’t quite as rich lol

    • LolaLauren
      September 9, 2010

      I bet you can’t find Iron Beer there

  2. Livan Escudero
    September 16, 2012

    Hablando de Merengue, I have to share a Cuban Birthdays’ guilty pleasure of mine that has persisted from early childhood to this day. Although it may not sound very sophisticated in culinary or gastronomical circles, it was perhaps my introduction to the sweet/savory style that is so common in many cuisines around Miami now-a-days. Besides, I insist it is delicious. Here’s what you do: If you are lucky enough to find yourself at a Cuban birthday party, locate the ham croquetes (they WILL be in a pile on a Styrofoam tray at a near by table right next to the pastelitos and bocaditos piles) Grab one. Walk stealthily by the cake (preferably the back where the damage will not be noticed) . Swipe some merengue off of the cake using the croquete. Enjoy your merengue coated ham croquete. Sure it may sound weird now…but you know you’re going to try it.

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