Lo Que Pica el Gallo

Hablando de lo que pica el gallo…formando un arroz con mango.


El Dia de el Pavo

This is the best time of the year (other than Noche Buena) where you see everyone from your family. Through the door walks all your tio’s from Pepe to Ricardo, abuelos, abuelas, all your tia’s (there’s always a Maria or Barbarita) all your primos, primas, close friends and sometimes family that you either never remember or knew you had.

Well while your wearing your Sunday best, this true American holiday is mixed with tradition for many Cubans. This is where American tradition meets Cuban sazón. Call it the True Cuban-American feast. El congrí en la mesa, the turkey, el jamón, the corn and mashed potatoes y tambien mami’s yuca con el mojo.

This holiday also celebrates new and old family traditions. The dominoes are rambling on the table, the football on the T.V. and the chisme in the kitchen hablando about family news.

Depending on whose house you’re in sansgiving can be, depending on how you look at it, ghetto/impromptu. Why you ask? Well 1. Most Latin holidays and families have lots and lots of people and 2. Seating is always an issue. Case in point the dining room area has lots of patio furniture to accommodate. People sometimes are standing awaiting the departure of a person en la mesa to score a seat.

For some odd reason when everyone has finished eating I always spot 3 things:

1. Someone has unbuttoned his or her pants or shirt a bit to “breathe”.

2. Always a tia or matriarchal figure picking up

3. Everyone is sweating because they are trying to digest or if you live in Miami you are sweating from the heat!!!!!!

so what now? The turkey is being processed, the rice and beans are kicking, but one thing is missing THE DESSERT and like any true tradition and diabetic nightmare there is “pump-keen” pie, un flan (of course), y apple pie…. Oh! Don’t forget El cafecito !

This is probably the one holiday where you learn family history, traditions and of course GOSSIP. While this might not be the typical celebration for most there is one thing most have in common the goodbye’s. Just like you walked in you leave the same way, you kiss all your uncles, aunts and family goodbye. Sometimes you end up with lipstick on your cheek (abuela’s cheap lipstick), you might smell a bit too much of liquor on a young primo (trying to be a man ya tu sabes!) or un tio!

Also una felicidades a Miss Lyanis. El weekend de sansgiving tambien es la semana de su cumplenaño.


About Lauren

I love Cultures, Cities, and Cuisine. My Abuela's flan is better than yours. I love Miami but my heart is New York.

4 comments on “Sansgiving

  1. Lyanis
    December 5, 2010

    Haha… thanks for the Birthday shout out!

  2. Raquel
    December 5, 2010

    HEY GUYS! I chose your blog to be highlighted on mine! keep up the good work. Hope to continue reading your awesome blog. http://krayzeemommie.blogspot.com/2010/12/krayzeemommies-blog-spotlight-latina.html

    • Lyanis
      December 6, 2010

      Thanks Raquel!!! We really appreciate it. We will add you to our Amigos section so our visitors can go ahead and find your page as well. We’ve been a bit busy these few weeks, but we plan on highlighting our friend’s blogs as well. Thanks again!

  3. Raquel
    December 7, 2010

    sounds good! i will be doing the same on mine. I will be expanding from not only posting coupons and deals, but also adding some sabor to it! 🙂 new things coming into play come January! Hope to keep in touch!

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