Lo Que Pica el Gallo

Hablando de lo que pica el gallo…formando un arroz con mango.

El Churro Man

             Down on 49th Street aka Exit 103rd Street (for all “Mi Gente” who live on the always under construction palmghetto) there is a man who completes every Cuban soul and heart. He might truly be the only man who touches a Cuban woman where no other man on a first date can, her hips. He can cure any bi-polar mood set off by the traffic driving along the streets of Miami or the chaos of the highway. This beautiful individual is “El Churro Man”. Nowhere in Miami (if there is please, PLEASE let me know) is there a “ChurroMan”. Never ceasing to amaze me “Churro Man” is always located on the same spot.  Always located in front of Westland Mall. He strolls down the street while the light is red; He struts his stuff grasping a little white paper bag holding God’s gift to this world. It’s almost like a secret treat from the “Santos y Santas” above…. as he shakes the bag you can see windows lowering and dollars breathing the Sweet Hialeah air.
                He almost tricks you into believing it’s his last bag, but don’t stress “Churro man” has almost endless amounts of this Latin dessert in his treasure chest (aka a white Styrofoam cooler)… In reality it’s cooling nothing not even the calories…Whether you’re in Miami or New York, there will be “Churro man”, oh yes, “El Churro man” he is out there. Always one lingering the streets, he knows his audience, New York is no stranger just head down to the subway and yes there is a “Churro Man”. Big tip, if you buy churros off the subway station in the winter do not eat them right away save them for later, go home heat that bad boy up in the oven and kick your feet up on couch.  Let your taste buds flourish with sensations and memories, from days as a kid to the woman who first stoled your heart “tu Abuela”.
               You might have guessed right, I do have a thing for sugar aka azucar like Celia would say, what can I say  Diabetes didn’t fall far from the tree. Though that’s not the case here the fact is that this doughy dessert sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar (filled with chocolate or “dulce de leche” if you’d like) brings back memories, while my “churro man” who used to prostitute this calorie treat left the Westchester area years ago, I can never forget how he touched my sugar craze. I should sue him for the endless night he left me puzzled as to why my scale would never say the number it should have…… But needless to say, maybe I should I pay him back for the great Latin ass he created…… No, no, no that’s just the Cuban in me.
             Pues at last “El Churro Man” came back to me, and for those lonely afternoon moments when I magically find myself in front ofWestland mall in Hialeah traffic, I’ll lower my window stretch out my arm wave that dollar bill, and well “ese papi” will hand me my churro bag and considering he is a business man and what business to come back I’m sure he will reply with a “gracias preciosa” and ladies it works all the time, because I come back like the addict I am!!! Que viva “El Churro man”!!!

About Lauren

I love Cultures, Cities, and Cuisine. My Abuela's flan is better than yours. I love Miami but my heart is New York.

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