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Hablando de lo que pica el gallo…formando un arroz con mango.

Las Gallinas-About the Writers

Contrary to popular belief, not every Cuban American was born in Miami. These Cuban-American bloggers actually migrated to South Florida at a very young age; Lyanis being from Las Vegas and Lauren from New Jersey. Safe to assume these girls know how to party but can defend themselves just in case any muela goes sour! These twenty somethings are young, extremely driven, and vivacious and they share one important thing in common: the love for their culture and a love for the style of old vintage Havana.

Each share different aspects of the Cuban Culture. Lyanis being the certified Spanish speaker who can cook up a storm while enjoying una Cuba Libre, while Lauren brings a more “Americanized Cuban” role into play, who at the roll of the eyes can either crack a joke or at the swipe of a card, purchase a cafecito.

These ladies met at Florida International University during their Sophomore year and had sparked a friendship with one thing in mind, “Gozar la vida pero con clase” and, of course, a love for everything shoes. With two very different attitudes, both ladies share probably the same mindset: Live life without the dramatics, act your age, enjoy the moments given, always dance to the beat, and work hard because nothing in life is guaranteed, nothing is a given.

Lyanis is calm, cool and collected. Rarely raising her voice (in volume), she actually breaks the stereotypical mold of a “Cuban” woman. This beautiful Latina is a true journalist majoring in English and a true avid Miami Heat fan. The party always starts after every game. A salsa queen who speaks eloquently and has a down to earth manner makes it almost impossible not to like her. This Cubanita comes from quite a big family being the only girl other than her beautiful mother Lourdes, who occasionally posts her nostalgia of Cuba and the culture we love. Lyanis is surrounded by males but she does not suffer from Tomboy syndrome. She stands true to herself and her culture and is never one to hold back from a conversation.

Lauren is clever, chaotic and charming. Her name might not spark a Hispanic vibe, but sure enough her attitude does. She is loud when she needs to be and calm when she ought to be. She is the secret overachiever when it comes to school, and believes knowledge is power. Her passion is people and all things people. Definitely a rare individual, she mixes sincerity and sarcasm in her speech and is always one to walk into a room making her presence known whether it be from her shoes or beautiful, bright smile. Coming from a family with personalities, this American with Cuban parts is all about humor. If you hear laughter or a perverse joke you know Lauren is there, usually in the middle of all the commotion. This Latina isn’t one to hold back. She speaks to everyone and anyone, always finding something in common. She’s proudly outspoken, making her La Loca from within her group of friends. She speaks her mind and maintains true to form, but regardless of the situation, she respects all.

Together, Lyanis and Lauren respectfully form havoc (ironic, isn’t it?) to bring forward their passions and love for there roots. While they wonder the streets of Miami, they marvel at all the typical aspects of the city that make it exactly what it is, those little details that go unnoticed to most because it’s all they’ve ever known, and make it a point to glorify them in a way that can make any Cuban proud. They have high aspirations for the future of Lo Que Pica el Gallo and hope that as they share their experiences with the world, the world in turn embraces their witty perception and leads them to someday visit the beautiful island that they speak so passionately of.


2 comments on “Las Gallinas-About the Writers

  1. Sue Valencia
    January 27, 2011

    Hey niñas! Just discovered your wonderful space here! We were mentioned together at TikiTiki Blog, the Latina Bloggers for 2011 (yay!).
    I too co-write my blog with my very best friend: mi Hermana! So I can relate to the joy and fun of sharing such a personal space with someone you love.

    I´ll definitely keep coming back to read what you par de gallinitas are talking about.
    You´re hilarious!

  2. Lauren
    February 4, 2011

    We get our astrology on reading your blog, soon enough we will talk about tirando las cartas!

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